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Spray booths - Hildebrand

Industrial Dry spray Booth Model HP-VI10-17140


Industrial Dry spray Booth Model HP-VI10

Basement type to the central pit 8x1,5 (civil work)
Perimeter paneling sandwich 40 mm.
Front doors of 3500x4200 mm.
Upper Illumination (Led): 768 W.
Side Lighting (Led): 576 W.
Filtration plenum high efficiency (EU5).
Electromechanical electrical panel.

Air supply: 45,000 M3h.
Extraction of air: 44,500 M3h.
Motorization: 2x18,5 Kw.

Installed thermal power: 350000 Kcal / h.
Gas burner.
Elevation temperature: 24ºC.
Drying temperature: 60 ° C.


Measures Interiors Exteriors
Length 10,000 mm. 10,100 mm.
Width 5000 mm. 5000 mm + 1700 group
Height 5.000 mm. 5.750 mm.